Create Your Happily Ever After

Jeff says stuff…

Jeff: “This food is so good, it’s like it’s high-fiving my stomach!”

Jeff: “Mmmm…Juize (pronounced Jews)! It’s my favorite religion to drink.”

Me: “Geez, Jeff! How are you winning? You hate card games!”…Jeff: “It’s because I have black man hands.”

Jeff: “Did you know when you married me you were marrying Money Bags!?”

I commented on something spiritual at church and Jeff says: “A-parent-Lee…and Uncle Jim.”

Jeff: “Hey! If you put a bag of grapes on your fist and punched someone in the face, you could say ‘FRUIT PUNCH!’ Ha!”

Jeff: “Are you Optimus Prime? (I responded “No”) That’s right! Because (robotically) I am Optimus Prime.” Mama Jo: “That’s right! She’s not Optimus Prime. She’s Mrs. Prime!” Me: “I’ve always wanted to wed a robot. Lucky me.”  The conversation continued with Jeff explaining how he is a ninja robot…apparently it’s a tough life.

The following took place after a thoughtful prayer: Me: “Jeff, how are you feeling?” Jeff: “Smothered.” Me: “What?! Why!?” Jeff: “Because you’re so saucy!”

Me: “Hey Jeff, I am going to the store…do you need anything?” Jeff: “Yeah. See if they have a big box or maybe a big bag of looooove.”

Jeff: “Barackoli!” Me: “It’s an Obamanation!” (I am still learning to like my vegetables)

Me: “We should join the rec enter so we can play racquetball at least once a week! You know we are both getting fatter (skinny fat) and lazier.” Jeff: “And that equates to getting cooler.”



  • LOL! I knew there was a reason I prided myself in being related to him. 😀