Meet Us!


Pretty much…just a happy wife and teacher who occasionally has to put on the “mean face,” but is never really mad. I love my job! I spend my days molding the minds of America’s youth, what’s not to love!?! When I’m not at school, I can usually be found singing and/or dancing around the house or playing with my favorite husband Jeff! I also love rain, colors, sidewalk chalking, bubbles, people, music, and fun outdoorsy stuff. Mostly though, I want people to know that I have a deep love for the gospel, the temple, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.


Jeff is a weirdy. He is a technology/music/adrenaline junkie. He has been upgraded to FED team architect at, writes/records his own music here at home, and loves Parkour (check out his site… and other extreme sports (not regular sports). He is pretty much a computer wizard and can make anything work. He is a wonderful person who is always smiling and making others laugh. He is incredibly spiritual and insightful, and nothing gets him down…except when he is separated from technology for a week. :)


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