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January 1, 2012

Oh hey! We got a house for Christmas (and Thanksgiving and my birthday. It was an expensive present)

I had GREAT intentions of sending out a Christmas card this year to all of my wonderful family and friends. I even asked people for their addresses! But…I got a little distracted. Moving into a new to me, used house is hard work. So I apologize for not getting anything out. We were going to send a picture of us in front of our new house with a big red bow on it, but this will have to do! (ps…I know this overlaps some of the links to other blogs/pages, but I wanted this to be big enough for you to see! Ignore the overlap and just enjoy!)































The basement is finished, but not finished well. There are 3 “attractive” bedrooms, a bathroom, and a HUGE family/game room. We are currently working on a remodel and plan to put in a kitchen so we can rent it out in a year hopefully. We had a plumber (thanks cousin Kevin) help us figure out the best way to set up the kitchen, we are working on finding someone to turn one of the giant windows into a basement entry, and in the meantime, we’ve started transforming the ugly rooms so you don’t feel gross when you walk in. :) Pictures will be up of the before/remodel process soon (ish)!


We had some good times making gingerbread houses (with homemade frosting and gingerbread, mind you), destroying a pinata in our backyard, and just spending a lot of time with family! :) Here is a brief photo summary!

I am waiting for a few great pictures still…so check back sometime to see the best Christmas gift ever received. :) It will fill you with joy.


***Also…if you haven’t wandered over to the “Jeff says stuff” page lately, you probably aren’t missing much (I have been forgetting to write things down), but I did add a few new ones :)

  • Jennifer

    Whoa! Your house is totally awesome! And what a fun Christmas :-). I hope you are both happy and healthy as always!

  • Sarah

    Your house is so super cute! Can’t wait to come see it in person! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! A house is a fantastic Christmas/birthday/Thanksgiving present! Missing you and glad you are doing well.

    • Sarah…I want you to come see it in person! When!?! And someday, we may travel to see your house (and you) in person too!

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