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January 11, 2012

Best Thing Ever…

It’s ok…laugh out loud and make fun of us. We realize we look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book or maybe a blueberry Oompa Loompa, but we know deep down you’re wishing you had gotten one for Christmas too. BEST THING EVER.

Ben and Kat gave us matching "Forever Lazy" suits. They are pretty much glorified snuggies. AND they came with matching blue socks, so it's almost like wearing footy pajamas. LOVE.

Oh yes...they DO have bum flaps that zip open. Be jealous.



IN OTHER NEWS…I am FINALLY employed again! Starting Friday, I am a K-2 teacher! I won’t have my own class for the rest of this year, but I will get to spend my day teaching reading and math to groups of students and possibly whole classes. The school is overwhelmed with students and teachers (9 2nd grade classes…NINE), so I will be a HUGE relief for them until they downsize due to boundary changes next year. Hooray for employment! After being outside of the classroom for 6 months (with the exception of a few sub jobs here and there), I am anxious to continue molding the minds of the future! WIN!!!!!


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January 1, 2012

Oh hey! We got a house for Christmas (and Thanksgiving and my birthday. It was an expensive present)

I had GREAT intentions of sending out a Christmas card this year to all of my wonderful family and friends. I even asked people for their addresses! But…I got a little distracted. Moving into a new to me, used house is hard work. So I apologize for not getting anything out. We were going to send a picture of us in front of our new house with a big red bow on it, but this will have to do! (ps…I know this overlaps some of the links to other blogs/pages, but I wanted this to be big enough for you to see! Ignore the overlap and just enjoy!)































The basement is finished, but not finished well. There are 3 “attractive” bedrooms, a bathroom, and a HUGE family/game room. We are currently working on a remodel and plan to put in a kitchen so we can rent it out in a year hopefully. We had a plumber (thanks cousin Kevin) help us figure out the best way to set up the kitchen, we are working on finding someone to turn one of the giant windows into a basement entry, and in the meantime, we’ve started transforming the ugly rooms so you don’t feel gross when you walk in. :) Pictures will be up of the before/remodel process soon (ish)!


We had some good times making gingerbread houses (with homemade frosting and gingerbread, mind you), destroying a pinata in our backyard, and just spending a lot of time with family! :) Here is a brief photo summary!

I am waiting for a few great pictures still…so check back sometime to see the best Christmas gift ever received. :) It will fill you with joy.


***Also…if you haven’t wandered over to the “Jeff says stuff” page lately, you probably aren’t missing much (I have been forgetting to write things down), but I did add a few new ones :)

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