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October 27, 2011

Jeff would say…stoof.


Welp…a few weeks ago Jeff got stranded at work with not one, but two flat tires. I went to his rescue after he had made several attempts to fill the tires with air without success. We loaded the two tires in the trunk of our Hyundai and drove to the only tire place that was still open….Walmart (awesome ghettoness, right?). We waited for 10 minutes for someone to help us, and then we were told they couldn’t do anything because they closed at 7. It was only 6:45…would it have been so terrible to at least fix ONE tire, so we could make it home with that and the spare? Another reason to hate Walmart (except in July-August when school supplies are ridiculously cheap). So we bought a new air compressor, green goo, and returned to the jacked up Prius (no pun intended…well maybe). A co-worker of Jeff’s lent us a can of Fix a Flat, and we had our own green goo, so we thought for sure we could handle this. I should’ve taken pictures of the next adventure,  but my hands were black. We tried to use the green goo, but on our first attempt, the tool broke. So we tried Fix a Flat, and not once, but three times, the thing exploded/popped off the tire and we got sprayed with smelly glue-ish stuff. I don’t recommend cleaning goo out of your eyes and off your face with Wet Ones anti-bacterial wipes. Next, we decided to try fitting the spare from the Hyundai onto the Prius. Fail. Jeff didn’t want to leave the car in the parking garage with it on the jack, so we used our new non-broken  pump to fill the flats with air. Um…we could see the holes, and hear the leaking air before we put any weight on them. Awesome, right? As you might have gathered, we are sooo S-M-R-T, so we put on the tire that seemed “tougher” and decided to risk the hour drive home. I followed Jeff and every once in a while, I would speed up next to him, check the tire, and then drop back behind him again (which seemed pretty hilarious to me…) Maybe amid all the exploding goo and broken pumps, a little bit of goo got in the right places, because that tire held out all the way home (the one in the trunk was completely flat again when we got home, so we were feeling pretty lucky). Or…we were being watched over by a higher power. :) Either way, I am glad we survived our first flat tires together.


Cindy and James came up from Arizona and planned an awesome day for the Hicken family. We played Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Jeopardy (both family trivia style), and built our millions by building marshmallow empires. The goal of the day was to earn money by answering questions and building the best towers. We were also given new names based on what the family had voted us as. Jeff was voted “Most Daring” and his name for the day was “Bringet Fromthehood”. I was voted the one who spends the most time playing an instrument (which I attribute to my constant singing…not because I am good, or actually play a ton) and my new name was “Lisena That.” AND…even though I am the newest (adult) member of the Hicken brand, I totally smoked people and took 2nd Place in my total winnings. :) It was  a super fun day and I am so glad to be part of this awesome family! Jeff has the good pictures on his phone, so…this is all I got!

Mr. Bringet Fromthehood. He looks tough, right?

I'm so cool. You betta listen! ( really it's an ugly day.)


So…we’ve been looking at houses all over the valley for about a month. We are pretty picky I guess, but it’s kind of a big investment so I want to get something I’ll be happy with for the next ten years or so. We recently put an offer in on a house in West Jordan, and one in Riverton. We really hope at least one of them goes through! Also…we would be building a basement apartment in the house, so if anyone has the any of the following skills or can hook us up for super cheap please email/comment/text/call one of us! :) We plan on taking a while to do it, but still…help is appreciated!

1. Digging big holes

2. Cutting a door frame from a window in the basement (meaning you’ll be slicing through cement)

3. Pouring cement to complete the basement entry

4. Cabinetry

5. Countertops

6. Plumbing the kitchen (One of the houses already has a sink, we would just need to connect it to a dishwasher)

7. Possible flooring


Jeff is still working at and we are trying to get him back into school. We took this fall semester off because, well….we thought we were moving to Phoenix. I am still looking for a teaching job, but am looking into going back to school to get my early childhood endorsement so I can open a preschool in whatever house we get soon. That way if we can’t find renters for the proposed basement apartment, I can use it for a classroom! YAY! I am actually really excited about the idea of teaching preschool out of our house…because then when we have our little ones running around, I can be home with them while still doing what I love! (PS…this is not an announcement of any kind. All our babies are still living in Heaven)

Anyway…we’re not that exciting yet. But we are super happy and life is treating us well (now that the move to AZ/I quit my job fiasco is behind us)!

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