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September 19, 2011

Accepting Donations…

This is our life. We thought we were heading to Arizona this summer for a job. Jeff was super excited about it and the job was really exciting to him. He was 98% sure he had it because the company kept telling him how excited they were to get him down there, how important he was to them, etc. But…something happened…we don’t actually know what. They kinda just stopped communicating with us. We have had pretty regular updates from them during the last 3 months, but after hearing nothing from them in the past 5 weeks (despite Jeff’s efforts to contact them), we are giving up on the Arizona sun. So…now I am waiting for a job to open up in Canyons District so I can get back into teaching and spending all my spare time (which is a lot) searching for a place to call home. It’s not that awesome. Exciting to finally have something to move towards, but still not awesome (house hunting blows). Jeff has an interest in real estate and would like to find a house with a mother in law basement apartment…or the potential to build one. This way we can pay off a mortgage faster or have a little buffer if things get shaky. This has proven to be a real challenge, considering the Salt Lake/Sandy/Cottonwood Heights area and our price range (not to mention my vanity in only looking at houses that are non-trashy). So…we are currently accepting your generous donations of $10,000 or more. :) We accept cash, checks, and account transfers, but no major credit cards.


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September 13, 2011

The Wisdom

So…being married to Jeff is hilarious. I don’t know what goes on in his head, but it’s gotta be good. He says the weirdest things and I usually  have to pause and process before I realize “yeah…he did just say that.” You all think I stay skinny because I have good genes…it’s actually because I spend most of my time with Jeff laughing… We stay up late  most nights because we can’t stop giggling long enough to read scriptures and pray.

Because of his pure awesomeness I created a page just for him. Click on the link “Out of the Mouth of Jeff…” to see what kind of life I live with him. :) He’s going to give me wrinkles…but at least they’ll be the happy kind.

**I am also writing down a few of the “funnies” I hear as a teacher and favorite Aunt…check “Out of the Mouth of Babes…”

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September 13, 2011

Lake Powellooza

This was our private and highly coveted, secret cove. We had many a visitor stop by and express their jealousy. We not only had a large, shaded area to call home, but there was a smaller, more secluded, baby cove in the back. BEAUTIFUL!

Jeff thinks he's really cool...he may or may not be right.

The water slide of death!! Well...we girls thought it would be. Jeff and Ben decided it looked like they tried it...several times. Surprisingly, the inflatable beds held up on the rock! As soon as I figure out how to compress the videos of their little adventure...I'll post them.

Wakeboarding for the boys...skiing for the girls.

This is one of the cliffs we climbed up and jumped off. Jeff was doing flips, and I was screaming the whole way down. I don't like cliff jumping...I wanted to rock climb, so I followed Jeff up. Didn't think that one through...

We were the cutest couple there...probably.

Thanks to Dave and Robin Kemp for letting us enjoy our 5 days in Paradise! Lake Powell rocks our faces! :)

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September 5, 2011

This is our first post!


Neato burrito.

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